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Who We Are

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Broken Fog is a creative and collaborative business, born on the east coast of Canada. Broken Fog was founded with the purpose of sharing the love of art and design with people all over the world. 

Creators, and partners, Lara & Gerry met in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2005 while attending Art School. 

Together, they've created a diverse line of products that are both bold and strong, yet soft and organic, at the same time. The perfect mix of hard and soft. 

We Do It All

We share the workload, both partaking in the wood burning process, painting, illustration, digital art, and apparel design. All designs are carefully executed, and some are collaborations between us.

Our Products are handcrafted, by us, inspected by us, and if they aren't up to our standards, we don't sell them. Every design is carefully executed and refined so that the best product leaves the studio, and makes it's way to your home! 


We support locally sourced products, made from locally sourced materials. We ensure that all of our products that can be, are made from local materials.  80% of our wood products are from responsibly managed woodlands in Nova Scotia, all of which come from trees that are blow downs, or that have experienced beaver damage.  As we are new to Vancouver, we are looking forward to finding some great partners who offer local wood for us to work with, and eventually being able to offer 100% local BC wood. 

The Wood Burning Process 

Pyrography refers to the process of decorating wood & other materials by burning into them, creating marks. Marks are made using a heated object, in our case, a Razertip Dual Burner. We use a variety of wire tips that create different markings. Once the design is burned, we will sand until the surface is perfectly smooth. Multiple layers of shellac are then applied, sanding in between coats. This protects the piece and brings out the natural colours and beauty of the wood. 

Stick Around!

If you are looking for something custom, or a collaboration, don't hesitate to email us at:

Thanks for visiting, and stay tuned, there is much more to come! 

- Lara & Gerry